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Epic cake fail.


Have you every been to a website called cakewrecks.com? It’s an absolutely hilarious site that has pictures of professional cakes gone totally wrong. While I’m definitely far from a professional, I had high hopes for my Valentine’s Day cake that I was making for my coworkers. It came out looking like it belonged on that website, and even in some Cake Wall of Shame. It was just…BAD.

My attempt at a Valentine's Day cake

This is the back side of it. First mistake? Cake wasn’t nearly dense enough. I had plans on using a recipe along with boxed cake mix to make it more dense, then I totally forgot about it, and well…it ended up all crumbly. Fondant turned out nicely for the most part, but ended up getting too dry and some pieces were breaking as I was trying to decorate, hense just the three hearts. Soooooo….I ended up leaving the cake here at home for the family to consume. I just couldn’t take it into work.

One of my next baking adventures will be with a friend of mine…we’re going to make St. Patty’s day goodies! That will be in about a week and a half, and I’ll be sure to post pictures. Although, I’m really thinking I want to try making something again soon. Maybe I won’t be a spazz and forget to make the cake correctly. 🙂

Practice makes perfect, right? I’ll get there eventually. Live and learn!




Leaving the Ocean


I’m so sad to be leaving the ocean already. Two days just doesn’t seem like enough. Mom and I are in the car heading back, and it just feels too soon.


While we were here, we went into the Ocean Shores Bakery, and it struck me again that I want to open my own bakery. I imagine what it might look like, and how happy it would make me.

I keep telling myself that it will happen eventually. I will get there. It wont be this week, next month, or next year, but I will get there.

It’s been a great weekend with mom, and very revitalizing for me. Tomorrow is a new day, full of new possibilities, and new ways to reach my dreams.