Thanksgiving, and where has the year gone?


We are growing closer and closer to yet another year ending; new beginnings and changes are just a smidgen over one month away, but it feels like the year has only begun. I still can’t fathom that Thanksgiving has come and passed already. Where has 2010 gone?

I was very lucky to share the Thanksgiving holiday with my aunt, uncle, and cousin, as well as my parents and three siblings. In spending time with them, laughing and sharing stories, I realized just how fortunate I am to be a part of this loving family. We have all gone through very hard times this year, and I believe that holiday made us realize that no matter how terrible our problems were/are, there are still things there to be so thankful for. For me, it took some of the worry and stress away to know that I always had my family. I hope to see my family more this holiday season; from what I understand, we have some baking to do!

I still can not believe it’s nearly Christmas once again. Honestly, I still don’t feel it, even though we have already had snow, and the trees and decorations are up. Perhaps it’s the fact that I have grown so much; I no longer have Christmas vacation from school to look forward to, or it could be that life is so routine that I don’t realize how many days and months have really gone by. Sometimes even the weeks seem like just a dull blur of true nothingness. Nothing major accomplished. Nothing changing. Consistence so blindingly apparent that the need for something different is physically painful. I decided today that I need to see friends more, but unfortunately I don’t have many that live close to me anymore; most are off to college. I miss them a lot, though I know that means I need to somehow go out and make new friends. You would think that would be easy. I fervently beg to differ.

But I have a feeling that next year is going to be full of change, but not drastic, physical changes. I feel like I may go through emotional changes, and that maybe someone important is going to enter into my life early in the year. I also have a feeling that I will grow more as a person, allowing immaturity to give way to creating who I really am. It’s an exciting feeling, and it’s letting me relax a little, knowing that things are going to go well. I can usually trust my feelings, especially when I feel them this strongly.

As for 2010, well, it’s been a hard year, and I’m glad to see it go. My family has been through a lot, and it’s time to put this year behind us. The glorious thing about each passing year is even when it’s full of sadness, there’s always a piece of new knowledge to bring forth into the new year to better your life, and that should not be forgotten. This year, my gained lesson has been to keep your head up, even when a situation is dire. Life always has a way of putting the pieces back together, allowing you to live again. Don’t take anything for granted.

So with that, I’m going to wrap this up and sign off for the night. Thank you to all who have taken the time to read this, and I hope to post more soon.





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