I love jogging in the moonlight


Non-poetic blog tonight, but wanted to post anyways. I went jogging for 30 minutes and I’m feeling wonderful. There’s a really long part of my street with no houses on it, so I used that, going around it 3 times, jogging one side, then crossing the street and walking on the other side. I was honestly surprised I could jog like I did, considering how out of shape I am. But, I’m proud to report I’ve lost 6 of the 10 to 11 lbs I gained while my aunt was in town. lol. She would go to the store and bring home all sorts of desserts and such that I couldn’t help but eat.

But now, I’m really getting serious about losing all this weight. I will be in a wedding at the end of this year, and I really need to lose some weight to get a decent dress. Plus, I just need to get healthier in general. Jogging tonight finally felt like that first serious leap into doing this, and I’m very happy about it. Little baby steps, I suppose. I guess occasionally I will post how I’m doing, if anyone is interested.

Otherwise, things are pretty much the same. Debating whether or not to go to school in the spring, considering I didn’t get the job I interviewed for. Not getting the job really was depressing for me after being so sure I had it. I don’t honestly know what to do now. My passion is writing, but I’m scared now that if I go to school for writing, I won’t have a job for me after I graduate. But then what would be the point of going to school for something else that I’m not interested in? Should I just stay at my job for now, or should I find a new one? Well, we all know the answer to that last one…NEW ONE. I need to find one quickly, but one that is NOT retail like what I’m doing. I can’t begin to tell anyone how tired of retail I am.

So really, I’m trying to make major changes in my life, because it’s really time for some. It’s time to save money left and right so that I can eventually move into my own place, get a new car, etc. I mean, life isn’t all about money for me, but right now, I do need to save to improve my situation. I can’t go on struggling month to month. It stresses me out to no end, and I really don’t want that. I want to find happiness, and to start, that means losing weight and finding a new job.

I guess right now, I’m feeling good about starting these changes. Tonight’s jog really helped me a lot. Hopefully I can get things figured out really soon, or at least have some steps covered to improve things. I think tomorrow night I will go for another jog in the moonlight, assuming the clouds won’t be there. ❤


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