Seeing the world through fantasy eyes


First, I’d like to make a note: It might take me a while to actually reach my main point of this blog, so please enjoy my rambling until I get there. Also, I am not a crazy fan girl whatsoever. In fact, I get very annoyed with fan girls. So with this in mind, please read on…

As a 15 year old girl in high school, you couldn’t really get me to read anything, even if you bribed me. I often used SparkNotes to survive through book reports, or relied on my friends for help. One day, my best friend came to me with a book, and said I absolutely HAD to read it. I took it home, but didn’t open it for a few days. Finally one night before going to bed, my curiosity had gotten the best of me, and I began reading.

I stayed up literally all that night reading this book – I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the pages. Every sentence pulled me further and further in and there was no way to escape. I read the two books that followed the first in the next two days, ignoring my teachers and secretly reading in class. Once I had finished, I realized something: I had fallen completely and irrevocably in love with “The Twilight Series” by Stephanie Meyer.

Remember, I said I’m not a fan girl. My love for this series is quiet and simple. I went to the midnight releasing of the fourth and final book, “Breaking Dawn”, alone, and stayed up all night getting caught in the continuing story of Bella and Edward, learning all sorts of new things that brought the entire series together. When the movies were released, I went to all the midnight releasings, and I am looking forward to November, 2011 when part one of “Breaking Dawn” will come out. I don’t scream and cheer when Edward and Jacob come on screen, but instead, I take in the story with a passion for the personalities of the characters, and admiring the love they share.

Anyways, to the actual point of this blog….

I have never enjoyed fantasy stories before. Lord of the Rings wasn’t really my thing, and I’ve never thought much of Star Wars, either. But this was a different sort of fantasy…Bella and Edward seem so real to me. in “Breaking Dawn” Bella often talked about how she never truly felt like she fit in with her human life. Once she was a vampire, she had found her place. When I’m reading their stories, or watching them of the big screen, I feel like I’m in their world, as if I belong there with them.

Perhaps now I sound crazy, but it’s very true. I get so easily pulled into the books, it takes me a moment to catch my grip of reality once I’m finished. Though many people find the series incredibly immature, I find it entirely fascinating. It’s like the world I have always wanted. Yes, I have always had a love for vampires. Not a crazy, creepy love, but I’ve always wished they were real. And, I’ve always wanted to find a love like that of Bella and Edward; to love some one so deeply that no matter what, in life or death, I would be with them.

Hmmm…perhaps I really didn’t have a point to this blog but to express my love for such a remarkable fantasy world. It really has inspired me to write more, to create worlds of my own, though none of them so far have compared to “Twilight”, and none probably ever will.


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  1. So….do you like the world of Twilight (meaning the story brought forth by the books)? Or the world presented onscreen? I can see liking the story because it works so well as a book. I felt the movies took away from the magic in a way. For instance Harry Potter maintained the feel of fantasy without it being silly. Thanks to direction, production designer/mise-en-scene and versimilitude. But the Twilight series collapsed because the books should not have been developed. I guess you can say I look at it with a more critical eye. So, my point would be that I too LOVE the books because it got me reading (even though the message was a bit jaded) but I think the movies were done in poor taste. With all the teenie boppers out there with their Miley and Bieber fever I felt the industry wanted to cash in with a relatable story to the youngins. Maybe better put they half-assed it.

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