Don’t tip the scale: Living life in balance and harmony.


I’m a huge fan of the band “The Killers” and now their frontman, Brandon Flowers, is going solo for an album.  His first single is a beautifully done song called “Crossfire” (please listen to the song…it’s amazing!).

Now, after listening to the song, please notice in the chorus he states “And we’re caught in the crossfire of Heaven and Hell”. It took me a few times to actually start thinking of what the song means, and then during a slightly emotional moment today, I got it; he is telling us to live life in a harmony of “Heaven and Hell”…Of good and evil, of right and wrong, OF BALANCE.

So I started thinking more about this as I was driving to a shift at work that I wasn’t at all looking forward to…What if life just went smoothly? What if nothing ever went wrong? Well, I have no idea! I suppose it wouldn’t be much fun, but most important, I wouldn’t be the strong, loving, and passionate individual that I am. Because of the balance of life, I’ve had tough and troubling experiences, but each time I was taught to get through them.

We’re all (hopefully) acquainted with Sir Issac Newton’s Laws. Well, think way back to that high school physics class you slept though…What was the third law?: Every action  has an equal and opposite reaction. Now, tell me how many times you’ve sat and thought “Everything was going great! Why did this have to go wrong??” Well, it’s simply because that’s the law of nature, and it’s true on a personal, humanistic level, and not just physics class.

So what’s my point of this? EMBRACE IT. Embrace the fact that things go wrong, and always celebrate when things go right. I think that is a key action in being happy…Remember all the tough moments that made you who you are, and recognize that the coming trials of life are there to test you and make you a better person.

I really hope my blogs are reaching out to some of you. I would love to read some feedback, if you have an extra moment! Thanks for reading 🙂


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