My Life – A Journal Entry


I watched my younger brother graduate today; a very proud moment for my family and I. He’s worked so hard to get to this day, and tears came to my eyes as he shook the principal’s hand and smiled with his diploma. It made me think back to my graduation, just two years ago tomorrow…Geez how time flies.

Now I’ve began reflecting on how my life has been since that day; I tried out a college, realized I didn’t enjoy it, moved back home, and now I’m doing nothing but work at a low paying job, and scraping by each month. My life is nothing liked I thought it would be as I was smiling with my diploma in hand two years ago. Where has my passion gone?

I have been worried about myself for a little while now…Worried I will never finish a degree or go anywhere meaningful in life; worried that I’ll never find that special someone, or be able to love and embrace myself the way I am. After a while, all these worries pile up, and now, I have decided to take a step and work towards trying to sort this mess out. It’s taken me two years, but now I can finally begin to build myself into the person I know I can become.

I still remain a little doubtful, and I’m ashamed to admit that. A times I feel like I can’t do this on my own; that I must rely once again on someone else to do it for me, as I’ve seem to have done for the past 20 years of my life. This is a horrible feeling to me. I have grown incredibly tired of depending on everyone else to fix what I’ve neglected. I’m tired of creating excuses of why I haven’t finished what I’ve started, or what I’ve promised I’d complete.

I believe it is time to get my life on the path that will lead me to be a happier, successful member of both my family, and the world. It’s time to put my best foot forward to better myself and create the person I’ve always dreamed of being. With this post, I am starting a new journey, and every day I will remember who I am, and what I know I can accomplish.


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