How I beat writer’s block


If any of you are like me, you’ll sit in front of the computer or a pad of paper for an hour or more before a single word is written. It happens to even the greatest writers, but I’m convinced there is a way to beat it, and these steps have helped me many times.

#1 – Just write

Seems easy enough, right? Chances are you have hundreds of thoughts running through your mind including “Oh God I’m never going to get this done!” or “I have no idea how to start!” Guess what? The beauty of writing is you can always go back and edit, take things out, change ideas, etc. So, when you’re sitting there in a daze of random, unfocused thoughts, just start writing. Get those fingers to the keyboard or that pen to the paper, and write everything that’s coming to mind. You don’t even have to make full sentences, although some times that helps me keep thoughts together. Once you start getting things on paper, the fear of “not starting” fades away, and you might find it a lot easier to focus only on your ideas.

#2 – Walk away

If you find yourself incredibly unfocused, get up, walk away, and do something else for 15 to 20 minutes. Get your mind off of writing and just let it rest. When I was in school, I found this was the best solution to getting essays done, and I even found I write better in pieces rather than all at once. Most times I was cramming the night before to finish a writing, but even then, getting up, getting a glass of water, maybe even channel surfing for a few minutes did wonders. As long as I left the room,

#3 – Don’t stress!

My biggest problem would be that I’d get so worked up about getting a post done that I’d lose track of why I’m even writing it. Take a step back and just relax. Always remember why you are writing. For me, I always remember that I’m writing because I have something to say, and I want people to read about it. I’ve come to accept that stress will only hurt my writing, so why bother worrying so much? Write because you love it, not because you feel you have to.

#4 – Write because you want to

Like I said in #3…Write because you want to! If you’re not feeling up to it, or would rather do something else, then just go do it. Don’t feel you have to just because you have a blog you need to “keep up” with or because you told yourself you’d do it. If you truly aren’t feeling it, then don’t force it. There’s just no point.

I’d love to read your ways to fight the dreaded writer’s block. I must admit, I’ve had it all week. I helped it today by just writing…I must’ve written 2 or 3 paragraphs before finally finding what I wanted to write about. It happens to the best and worst of us. Hopefully these tips will help someone!


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